Kept guessing

03:02, Jan 21 2013

BOOK REVIEW: One Hundred Names
By Cecelia Ahern (HarperCollins, RRP $35)

One Hundred Names is the new story by Irish writer Cecelia Ahern, known for her romantic stories with a quirky and sometimes magical twist.

Kitty Logan is dealing with her journalistic career going downhill, while her mentor and friend, Constance, is about to lose her battle with cancer.

Before dying, Constance tells Kitty that there was one last story to be told which begins with a list of 100 names.

Before Constance is able to explain her idea further and what each of the 100 names have in common, she dies, leaving Kitty to ensure Constance's story is written and published.

What follows are some amazing stories of seemingly unconnected people which help Kitty to revitalise her career.

The mystery surrounding the connection between each name kept me guessing and, when it was finally revealed, it was completely satisfying.

This story is charming, easy to read and enjoyable.