From our reviewers: Children's books

02:19, Jul 30 2013

From The Southland Times book reviewers.

There's a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts
By Tim Miller and Matt Stanton (ABC Books, RRP $30)

Review by Maree Field

I have a five-year-old son, so any mention of bottoms or the emissions of bottoms is automatically funny, and There's A Monster Under My Bed Who Farts certainly lived up to expectations.

The young protagonist complains that no-one believes him when he says there's a monster - under the bed, in the supermarket, on the couch with Daddy - who farts. He just can't convince anyone of the monster's existence.

Short and punchy, it's an oddly charming little story.


Granny Grommet and Me
By Dianne Wolfer and Karen Blair (Walker Books, RRP $28)

Reviewed by Maree Field

Granny Grommet loves to swim and surf with her friends. Unfortunately, her grandchild is more hesitant, and is scared to go into the water past their ankles.

Luckily, Granny Grommet and co are on hand to help, pointing out that the ocean is really just like a giant rock pool and there's nothing to be afraid of if you're careful.

Granny Grommet and Me is a short picture book, but its message is timeless. The illustrations are spot-on and convey a sense of summer at the beach. There's also a handy water and sun- safety checklist at the back.

How the Paua Shell Got its Colours
By Jane King (Xlibris Publishing)

Reviewed by Fintan Mulligan, aged 6

This book is about a grandfather's shell.

The grandfather paua is the kindest and wisest paua of all. He has lots of descendants in his family.

He has a secret cave. In the secret cave he can take his shell off.

One night one of his descendants catches him going to his cave and follows him. When the grandfather takes off his shell, it glows. His young relative asks him why his shell is glowing and the grandfather tells him the story from the beginning.

I recommend it to ages 6 to 10. I like the pictures too.

It is a good children's book.