From our reviewers: Children's books

Last updated 10:00 08/11/2013

A selection of books for young readers.

Maisy Grows A Garden
By Lucy Cousins (Walker Books)

Reviewed by Mark Hotton

The move to grow your own vegetables is gaining popularity around the world and with this book you can help to foster the next budding gardener.

Maisy Grows a Garden is a pull-tab book that reveals what happens when you prepare, sow, weed, water and tend the garden. With help from Panda the teddy bear, Maisy goes through the process of growing vegetables.

With big, bold and colourful pictures and robust moving parts, Maisy is sure to have a new fan in your house - and you'll end up with a willing helper.

Tom And Tilly
Written and illustrated by Jedda Robaard (Walker Books)

Reviewed by Mark Hotton

Tom and his teddy bear (Tilly - hence the title) head off on a big adventure in a paper boat made out of a map, sailing past a city guarded by fearsome frogs, through a storm and into the path of a whale. With great illustrations and simple language - only 64 words - this is sure to become a favourite in any house with young children. It even has instructions at the back on how to make the paper boat they go sailing in - perfect for sailing in a big puddle, not so much with children and a teddy bear on board.

Helping Little Star
By Sally Morgan and Blaze Kwaymullina; illustrations by Sally Morgan (Walker Books, RRP $25)

Reviewed by Fintan Mulligan (aged 6)

Once there was a little star that didn’t listen to Moon, so he fell off Night Sky into a creek.

A python flicked him out of the creek and Little Star went into a cave.

Thud! Dingo ran outside to throw Little Star to Night Sky, but he ended up somewhere else.

My favourite part is when the animals work together to return Little Star up to Night Sky.

I give it 10/10 because it has a dingo, a star and the Moon in it, because the dingo is nice and I like the Moon and stars.

The Frog Who Lost His Underpants
By Juliette MacIver and Cat Chapman (Walker Books, RRP $25)

Reviewed by Fintan Mulligan (aged 6)

A bear goes walking through the jungle. It comes across a frog who cries, ‘‘I’ve lost my pants!’’

Then they meet a chimpanzee and an elephant who says, ‘‘I do hate to see a frog in the nude.’’

They all go searching and find the frogs who give the pants back and say sorry.

I give it 9/10.

This story is about friendship and working together to find solutions.


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