Dolly and her Imagination Library

01:13, Jul 31 2013
Dolly Parton
DOLLY PARTON: Want to come stay at Dollywood?

When the name Dolly Parton appears, one typically thinks of a few words beginning with the letter "B". 

One would not necessarily associate her with the most beautiful "B" word, "book". However, books are definitely part of Dolly's life and, much to my surprise, she is making sure that children from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and more recently, Australia, have books in their lives through her Imagination Library.

Her vision is simple; to encourage an adoration for reading amongst preschool children and their families, by sending them a high quality, specially selected book once a month.

I find this completely inspiring and makes my heart go all fuzzy and with over 700,000 children enrolled, it seems that a lot of people feel the same. Go Dolly!