Reading Goals for 2014

I'm typically someone who sets a goal to read a certain number of books in a year. The problem with that is that the pressure is all too much. 

Towards the end of the year - when I'm still miles away from my goal - I start to treat books like a factory line; processing them like paperwork, picking one up, finishing it, picking up the next.  There is no time to enjoy the book for what it is or really think about the message it wants to convey.

That's not a good thing. In fact, it is a very bad thing.

For 2014, I'm changing my reading challenge up a bit. Instead of committing to a number of books read, the type of books I read will change.

I want to read more classics; Austen, Bronte, Golding, Vonnegut and Conan Doyle.  I want to read more biographies; Hoover, Lewis, Barrie, Jobs, and Brand (Russell that is, not Jo).


Above all else, I want to read books on my many bookshelves that I purchased and borrowed that have sat there, unread, but certainly not unloved. Books that I swear whisper to me, concerned that I have forgotten about them. I have not.

Dear readers, what are your reading goals for the year? Do you set any?  Are you strict on yourself? Do you fly like the wind, in any direction, as you please?    Please share.