My treasured bookmark

21:00, Feb 09 2014


I have a treasured bookmark that I use for every book I read.  No other bookmarks - sadly, even ones I have been given as a gift - are used.


Is this strange?  So often I hear of readers who use anything that they can get their hands on,. A piece of scrap paper,  a pen, a paper clip or even a mobile phone!


My lovely husband posted the below picture on my Facebook page the other day and I chuckled.  I am not like that - at all. It makes me snigger though, that as readers, anything will do as a space marker.



My beloved bookmark came to me in August 2004.  The second in the brilliant Before Trilogy by Richard Linklater, Before Sunset, was due to screen at the Christchurch Film Festival.  I had my ticket weeks before; giddy with the thought of finding out what happened with Jesse and Celine.


Fate stepped in though, in the form of a great snowfall.  Roads were covered, motorists were told to stay off the road and buses stopped.  At the time, my only form of transportation was the buses and without them, I was forced to stay at home with an unused ticket to what was to become my favourite film.

It's strange that an inanimate object such as an unused bookmark means so much to me.  It reminds me of the snowfall that changed the garden city to a winter wonderland and of the wonderful year my husband and I spent in Christchurch. 

Dear readers, what do you use as a bookmark? Do you use the same one for every book you read, or will anything do?

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