My favourite image

23:12, Jan 07 2014

This was as favourite photo of mine because of the atmosphere created by the sun coming through the fog and the striking saturation of the colours.

It was taken on Lake George, near Colac Bay, which I had never had the pleasure of going to until this day.

Environment Southland environmental technical officer Dianne Elliott was in the kayak with devices for water sampling.

On the drive from the office, the weather was closed in with no light and I was thinking this was going to be a pretty unexciting photo shoot if I couldn't even see across the lake but, as we arrived, the fog thinned and the sun managed to break through in patches.

I had to clamber into a kayak and get wet to get this shot, but it was worth it for the end result.

Regards, Southland Times chief photographer, Robyn Edie.


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