You gotta love a country kid is pleased to introduce its latest blogger Nicole Sharp. Follow her adventures as she works for the Newslink in Gore and clowns about in the south. If you too, are a fan of the south's great outdoors feel free to send a blog post to be considered for publication. 

They say you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. 

True, but when this country girl thought it would be a good idea to wear heels to work for the first time, she was as far out of the country as she could be. 

Morning madness rush and a sudden burst of courage lead to the genius idea of sliding on heel. 

Obviously short term memory loss took over as I forgot I had to attend the annual Lower Mataura Valley Pet day. 

So there I was, arriving to the Wyndam A & P show grounds in a Suzuki Swift with heels on, creditably the newest laughing stock of Eastern Southland. 

Lucky enough, I was able to explain to most of the organisers that although I looked like a "towny bimbo" it was not my usual jeans and boots get up. 

In that was Western Southland, where I grew up, was the same as Eastern Southland and besides a few strange looks from the kiddies I could still hold my head up. 

So my first week's disaster was a great laugh for all involved besides me, who walked away with dried up sheep shit on the bottom of my heel. 

Gore's a bit different to the big smoke of Invercargill and even more different than the small town of Wairio

I'm a spring chicken who has a lot to learn, and although i'd rather do it on horse back, driving around the Eastern Southland countryside is pretty good too. 

So follow this and I guarantee you'll have a good laugh. 

Whether it be my weekend antics of horse riding or hitting the local pub or getting lost in Broughton St in Gore. 

These are my stories and laughs as they happen.