A work in progress

Well what a week!

Talk about pulling the old hair out.

As the new reporter for Newslink in Gore, I completed my first paper and received smart comments from my Eastern Southland mates.

"Nice selfie" and "What sort of reporter writes about themselves".

Yes, my gumboot wearing hillbilly friends could not believe that I would wear a dress to work, let alone string multiple sentences together without the word mate or umm.

Aside from work I had some free time for a good mate's 21st, but what a disaster.

Raw toes and bruises that I still don't know where they have come from and one huge hangover.

So when the beer come out on Sunday, for those who hadn't been to bed and those who decided they had some gas in the tank, they did what country kids do best.

They carried on through to Sunday night and near Monday morning.

My accomplishment this week, well it is nothing than you can laugh at like the high heels saga, but I forgot my own extension number and I had to text a chick I work with to ask her what it was. 

Clever, I know.

So now, I sit cooped up at my desk, in the heat dying for fresh air and a chance to escape the office.

There have been no trips around the countryside for me this week.

But there is one thing on my mind and that is a trip to Blackmount this weekend to escape the craziness and see lovely grandparents.