Finally passed the great shorthand test

19:28, Nov 27 2013

Driving through the Eastern Southland countryside I had a lot of time to reflect yesterday afternoon.

Friday was possibly the biggest day of my so far, short, journalist career.

It is described in one word "shorthand".

Shorthand had taken over my life.

Taught by the wonderful newly elected Invercargill City Councillor Karen Arnold, day-in-day-out it was shorthand.

Yes, it was fun at the start but when you've got a Southland Stag in your class it is rather easy to get sidetracked (Scott, I am not talking about your looks but the conversation).


Now I don't know about any of you but being cooped up in a room for an hour a day, four days a week was not an ideal start to my day.

Ten months later, I was still in that same room, this time to sit the test.

Well, what a bloody disaster.

Twenty-seven mistakes in one passage, 17 in the other... things were not looking good.

The following day I was there again, thinking "yeah, nah I'm screwed".

Well I proved myself wrong and passed that 80 words a minute four minute dictation.

Sidetracking a bit from the countryside, I got to thinking about how much life had changed in those 10 months.

I hadn't even finished studying and I had a job.

I was planning to shoot the gap like most kiwis these days to pursue a dream of riding horses for a job in Australia, and I am now a qualified journalist.

Yes things have changed slightly but it all going great.

Now the plan is to get some experience and learn so much of what there is to learn about this gigantic career.

So now studying is officially over and I have some spare time up my sleeves on weekends I believe there are a few hills that have my name on them. And, if the weather stays good a swimming hole that needs jumped in.

Aussie is still one point on my to do list and I'll get there, but at 19 I'd hope that time was on my side.

As for the local good looking males, still haven't managed to find any and I swear I am not that fussy.

Tall and dark haired would be great but other applicants welcome.