My new hunting ground

23:12, Jan 07 2014

Saturday seems to be rolling around rather fast this week.

The Wyndam A&P is on up the road this weekend and my eyes will be peeled wide open during the young farmer contest.

You see, I haven't managed to find any of these so call "hot farmers" yet and its not like I haven't been looking.

I've been to Lumsden, Riversdale, Waikaia even Edendale and I see nothing.

I hope no one reading this is actually in the farmers' contest because the impression of the new reporter will be that of a creepy stalker. 

I've also been asked me to take part as a ''local celebrity''.


Now, celebrity is one thing I am not.

If no one minds me being in jeans and my polo then okay, I will play the game, but being a celebrity is going to be a challenge.

It's going to be a cracker of a weekend and I'm looking forward to covering my first A&P show. 

So if anyone is there come and have a yarn.

I'd love to meet a whole lot of new people. 

Plus, I may be running around like a headless chicken and may need pointed in the right direction.