Whirlwind in Gore

23:12, Jan 07 2014

Christmas seems to be rolling round the corner and I'm coming up to a break super quick.

The past seven weeks, since I shifted to Gore have been a blast. 

It truly has been like coming home. I've meet some extraordinary people so far and I am so excited to see what the new year will have to bring.

Covering my first A & P show on Saturday was hilarious.

All my mates were bragging about having a ripper of a crate day while I was ripping up the show jumping course on a lawn mower against Gore District Mayor Tracy Hicks.

The past two crate days had been pretty destructive out in the wops with 200 of the local hooligans all in one paddock... it had bad news written on it from the start.


So far, I've had a few hick ups since shifting to Gore. 

There was the initial high-heels in the office scenario to ordering a dress that ended up more like a crop top.

Hooning around Eastern Southland for work is a bit different to escaping the real world on horse back, but I love getting out and about in the south.

Next week will be the last work week for the year for me, and then it's looking forward to the rodeo circuit during my holidays.

One of my best mates and I are packing up our two man tent and we are gone.

I have to say this is definitely the most organised I've been for New Year's in a long time.

Today is also a big day for me as I'm graduating from the Southern Institute of Technology. 

To everyone else who is also graduating - congratulations. 

Being in Gore is fantastic, and yes so far this country girl is having a blast. 

As of next week I'll be out of the ''city'' of Gore and back into the country, and unlike some people, I can't wait for Christmas.

And, when you have 28 cousins, you know you're in for a ripper of a day!