Heading for the hills

23:12, Jan 07 2014

Well, it's official the work year for me has drawn to an end and it's adios to Gore and hello to summer and the great outdoors! 

As soon as Monday hits that is my oppurtunity to head up to the farm and breath in the fresh air. 

Two weeks may seem like a long time but I have that much planned I cannot wait to escape the office.

I feel Chipper (my horse) and I have a bonding session that is well overdue and I hope she remembers who is boss.

Then, it's hello to Millers Flat, Te Anau, Wanaka and sunshine! 

I'm keeping this post short and sweet, so enjoy your summer and keep an eye out for some outrageous photos and some amazing scenery shots to come.

This country girl is signing out for now and I can't wait to have the wind in my hair and the smell of sweaty horse hair covering my clothes.