Disappearing off the earth

02:56, Jan 29 2014

Disappearing off the face of the earth for large amounts of time seems to be something I am really talented at. 

I guess thats what happens when you're just a busy wee bee most of the time.

So for those who didn't know the Winton A & P show was on last weekend and I have to credit the committee for an amazing day. 

You would all be so proud of me as I managed to leave the beer tent twice.

That morning was probably the earliest I'd been up on a Saturday (8.15am) when I didn't have to work.

Oh the joy of saggy eyes and that morning hair do. 


I was up early and headed out to play shepherd with one of my mates.

Well, really the story went more like this.

I sat in the truck laughing at him, as his dogs managed to do everything but what he told them to.

If he is reading this, I apologise but I don't think I've heard that many curse words in a day in a long time.

This month I also attended the Edendale Crank Up. 

Now I'm one for the mud and tractors and anything else that smells rural but that was a lot of tractors.

Again, I have to credit the organisers of the event for the fantastic job.

I got to know them and appreciate the time and effort they put in to run the event.

Here's a peice of valuable piece of information -  they are all ready planning next year's event.

Now, besides looking forward to having a nice relaxing Saturday this week,  where I will be up early and attempting to fall off the face of the earth for a bit I am counting down the days to this year's Southern Field Days at Waimumu, Gore.

If you are there, come and have a yarn.

I don't bite and I promise not to wear high heels.

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