Why I love the country

01:44, Feb 10 2014

A wise man once told me that nothing beats Southland farm fresh lamb chops. 

He had a good point, he was my grandfather who lived in Scotland and every two years when him and my grandma travelled over for Christmas the first thing he would want was lamb chops.

A wise women then asked me where it is my love of the country comes from.

You may think that it would be an easy response but the only thing I know it is not the lamb chops on the dining table. 

Then the question arose of is there a bit of country in us all?

It is a really good question but I believe it all comes down to personal preference.


If I'm being honest I would love to say no, because everyone would like to hold something dear to their heart and my childhood and the way I grew up is mine.

But then again I think about it and it depends what country is perceived as by you all.

My love of the country comes from that moment the curtains open and all you can hear is dogs barking, the view of looking out on a hillside and seeing nothing but roaming animals, and the feeling of a horse and its power when we are cantering along the hillside.

Then comes the drinking.

I don't know if it is the way I grew up that a cold Speights after a hard days work was to be accepted or as soon as knock off time on Friday rolls around, everyone dissapears to the local watering hole.

Then again I think it comes down to a community and what your community is about.

The community I grew up in, known as Ohai-Nightcaps, may see some of you look at your screen in horror but that is my home and the people in that community are part of the reason why I love the country.

So answer this, do you believe there is a little bit of a country in everyone?

Image right: Blogger Nicole Sharp, left, with friends Tess-Ana Leatherby, Kristin Dickson and Olivia Hammond
soaking up the sun at the Mataura Rodeo. 

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