My top 10 country songs

03:27, Mar 20 2014

One thing I am a sucker for is country music.We grew up partying to it, crying to it even singing it when we'd had few too many at the pub. Every song some how managed to match every part of life. So here's my top 10 songs... enjoy.

Let's start with the Good ol' Dixie Chicks

Before moving to a bit of Rodney

And, yes I'm a huge fan of 'wide open spaces'


Who can go past country boy Alan Jackson

Everyone at some point is singing about a man

If they're not singing about ''Blue Jeans'' then often it's about clothes hitting the floor

A little bit of Miranda

No top 10 would be complete without Tim McGraw

Yup, gotta have a song about cowboys

And, last but not least a bit of Kip

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