How to make decisions

There has been a lot of thinking on the cards lately. 

Some of it was done behind a bar, other parts on the netball court and majority on horseback. 

One thing I know is there is no better way to make a decision than to have a 500kg animal beneath you and the smell of sweat in the air.

I'm not normally a good decision maker, but I am sure at times that no one is. Right?

Hard decisions are even worse, they are something I normally shy away from but one of the many things being a country kid has taught me is to stand on my own two feet. 

I am the toughest person I know how to be, even if that does sometimes involve the odd tear. Don't judge me for it!

Times are a changing and that horse ride last week made one thing very clear, I need to do what is right for me and something I have missed terribly during the past six months is the outdoors.

Considering it was my third ride for the season, I only have myself to thank for that.

Decisions were made and hey, the only way to go is forward.

So this week I ask one thing of you, bring out the country kid and take to the fresh air.

Do what makes you happy, as the only person you have to blame for not doing so is yourself.

For me, it's thing like enjoying the first game of netball, and then most likely the pub.

Enjoy every minute of it, you never know there could be a hard decision around your corner.

Photo top: Blogger Nicole Sharp on Candy


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