Uncomfortably well informed on 'cuddle game'

01:49, Jul 10 2014

Apparently there's some sports-like event happening in Brazil at the moment involving a game where blokes run around a paddock cuddling each other while chasing a round ball.

You might have guessed that I'm not really a fan of football/soccer/the cuddle game but I've found it interesting how much information on the World Cup I have actually absorbed simply by being online.

I guess it highlights just how pervasive the internet is, when someone like me ends up actually knowing stuff about the World Cup simply by being logged into Facebook.

I know that there have been lots of dodgy refereeing decisions, including by Kiwi Peter O'Leary.

I know that Portuguese defender Pepe - who, like Madonna, Cher and Plato goes by just the one name - is quite fond of the good old Liverpool kiss. My parents used to have a dog named Pepe many years ago, but he didn't play footy.

I know that Cameroon's football federation isn't particularly trusting when it comes to its own players and is investigating allegations of match-fixing.


Oh, and I know that Uruguay striker Luis Suarez likes to have a wee chomp on his opponents. If it's good enough for Mike Tyson . . .

Surprisingly, I also know which teams have done well, which ones have done not so well, and most days I actually know the result of the most interesting games.

Not interesting to me, mind you. But, somehow, as these games are being discussed by friends on my Facebook timeline, I'm absorbing the information and becoming better informed on the subject than I ever thought possible. And probably better informed than I'm comfortable with.

However, to be fair, it seems more like sport than cricket. At least with the cuddle game they do move about the playing field at a reasonable pace and generally get a result in a timely fashion.

I should also probably own up to the fact that much of the actual World Cup action I've watched has been in the form of the "brick-by-brick" version. These awesome little animations feature the more exciting play during the World Cup, recreated with Lego.

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