iThink it's still freezing out there

Ooh, it's been a wee bit chilly over this past week or so, hasn't it?

Seymour the Wonder Cat has been in hibernation mode, spending most of his time snuggled up on his favourite spot under the heat pump and venturing outside only when the call of nature dictates. However, his furry sister Norman has been a little more adventurous, taking the opportunity to hiss and occasionally growl at passing snow showers and hail. She's not particularly impressed with the frosts, either.

It seems that everyone with an iPhone has taken to chucking screenshots of the current temperature from their MetService app on Facebook to tell us just how cold it is, but it really isn't necessary. I go for the old school approach to determining the day's weather by sticking my head out the front door. If I can see my own breath, then it's cold.

Maybe I should be more Facebook-focused and take a photo of my icy breath cloud so it can be posted to Facebook each day to gauge just how cold it is. In fact, maybe there's a market for an app that does just that, especially since there seems to be an app for everything else.

I have to admit that when I bought my iPad I thought that it would be an incredibly productive little toy that would enable me to work and communicate from anywhere, but it is really an incredibly fun little toy that enables me to play on YouTube and Facebook from anywhere. And check movie schedules. And play games.

I realise there are hundreds, nay, thousands of wonderfully useful and productive apps available to load up your iPad or iPhone but I'll be honest here and own up to the fact that the apps I use mostly aren't the most productive.

I don't own an iPhone because I just can't get my head around spending that sort of money on a phone when all I want it to do is talk and make calls and send the occasional text. I have an iPod Touch for my music and an iPad for all the other essentials.

And what are those essentials, I hear you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked that question:

Angry Birds: Trying to knock stuff over by chucking angry little cartoon birds at them is rather therapeutic. Especially after a hard day at the office.

The MetService app: My long-suffering and well-insured husband checks this incessantly during fishing and whitebaiting seasons.

Photosynth: Great for creating interactive panorama images that you can share with others. There are many practical and grown-up uses for this app, including panoramic shots of your cats in sunbathing mode.

SoundTracking: This one lets you identify what you are listening to (it drives me nuts when I can't remember the name of a song), share your current tracks with friends, tag where you are listening to the music and works well with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Probably not a good app to use if you have a secret Justin Bieber playlist.

Flicks: This one lets you check what's playing at movie theatres around the country, remembers your local, gives you screening times and direct links to trailers for the movies.

And did I mention Angry Birds?