The online diagnosis

00:00, Aug 17 2012

I've always been wary of using the internet to find health advice, but must admit I have been Googling intently during the past few weeks, finding out what I can about my now decidedly dicky ticker.

I have made an effort to stick to the official medical sites in an effort to not scare the living daylights out of myself, because let’s face it, with the aforementioned dicky ticker I can’t really go around scaring myself now, can I?

I suppose it shows just how much of an influence the web has on our lives. A few years ago, a diagnosis of a serious health problem would have prompted a perusal of the ancient medical dictionary gathering dust on the bookshelf or a visit to the library, but now when we want information it’s all there, online and up-to-date. And at least half is accurate.

Aside from the hardcore medical information about the condition itself, the web has also proved invaluable in checking out the side effects of the various medications I now get to sample and take comfort in the fact that they are all pretty normal (Dry cough? Check. Weirdly vivid dreams? Check. Feeling like death warmed up? Check).

One positive in all of this, is that I now have official proof that I’m not a heartless you-know-what: I’ve seen the evidence that there is a heart in there, ticking away – although sometimes a little too fast and not always particularly efficiently.