Leave me out!

03:00, Sep 14 2012

Facebook does have its good points, but there is one glaring negative that needs to be addressed: Facebook games.

For some reason people who get hooked on these insidious little things lose the ability to practise good manners and end up boring all and sundry with their gaming events: a timeline littered with game updates and info and their friends being bombarded with game requests.

And it's the game requests that bug me the most. Learn to filter people - if you want someone to harvest your poxy carrots in Farmville or manhandle your cupcakes in Chef Wars, make sure you aren't inflicting your addiction on those who don't share your taste in bad games.

If you can't at least make the effort to remove from the list those who don't play the games, then how about not spamming those who have specifically asked to be left out.

I put up a Facebook status a few months ago saying I was sick of the game request spam and could anyone on my friends' list who played these games please leave me out of the mix.

It has had little effect. And it would appear I'm not the only one. During the past couple of weeks I've noticed at least half a dozen similar status updates from other friends who are also obviously over the irritation.


What I find funny in all of this is that the two people who bombard me the most always claim they rarely play games on Facebook, that they don't have time. Riiiight. Now might be good for a timely reminder that if you don't want people to know what you are up to, don't do it on Facebook.

And then there's the one who, when I gave a gentle reminder that I was seriously peeved at the number of game requests cluttering up my screen, said: “Oh, I think maybe I might have included you on one of my requests the other day. Sorry if I did”.

One request? I got 23 of them in one week from that one person (You know who you are. Now off to the naughty corner to think about what you have done).

Facebook game requests are a bit like those stupid chain letter emails: if you want to take part, that's your choice, but don't inflict the rubbish on everyone else.

And for those of you nay-sayers wondering just what those previously mentioned good points include - instant messaging, ease of stalking and (at times) the little blue cross in the top right corner of the screen.