A classic mash-up

20:57, Nov 29 2012

It's been Hobbit overload but even the only vaguely interested would have to accept it's a classic story.

I'm not a Lord of the Rings geek, I haven't memorised dialogue between characters and I won't cry myself to sleep if Peter Jackson doesn't follow every line from the books perfectly but I can appreciate a well-told story, so sorry Twihards, I seriously doubt that a generation or two from now anyone will be excited about a screening of Breaking Wind 2, or whatever it was called.

They more likely be scratching their heads and wondering what the hell we were on.

But I digress: everyone seems to have gone Hobbit crazy so in keeping with the theme, here's a wee mash-up of movie trailers from both the Hobbit and that 1985 classic, The Goonies.