Resolution: Stop sending all that rubbish

02:44, Jan 21 2013

May I break my own rule about not making New Year resolutions and suggest we all promise to not spread misinformation, half-truths, rumours and outright lies via chain letters and social networking shares?

I'm fed up with seeing shares and retweets telling me how to survive a heart attack while alone, how the experts have got it wrong in telling us how to stay safe during an earthquake and that onions are germ magnets set to bring about the end of the civilised world.

I'm sure you've all seen posts like those on Facebook or Twitter, or have had some well-meaning ill-informed soul emailing them to you.

Most of the time they are simply annoying, but sometimes they have the potential to be dangerous. Don't take health advice from Facebook. That's what doctors are for.

And if you see some interesting facts on Facebook, check with Snopes (, where you will find a comprehensive and ever-growing list of myths, real facts and fairy tales.

Apart from saving your friends from bad information, you might also save yourself from looking like a pillock for sharing something that isn't true, because, trust me, I will judge you if you send this stuff to me.