Do cyclists need helmets?

22:37, Feb 09 2012

When Lee Moreton and Geoff van Dam went down in a crash during a club cycling race at Thornbury on Saturday there was plenty of damage done.

Moreton lost plenty of ''bark'', but van Dam ended up in hospital after broken ribs punctured his lung.

It could have been a lot worse, though.

Both riders ended up with munted helmets which probably saved them from a much worse result.

Morton told me later than he shakes his head now thinking about the past when most racing was done without helmets.

But new research suggests that a compulsory helmet law has actually caused more harm than good.

It's not uncommon to still see people riding their bikes without helmets, or even with helmets looped over one of their handlebars.

You might subscribe to the Darwinian theory on this one, but do we need to be told to wear helmets on the road?