Back in the saddle ... or on the green

23:00, Mar 26 2014

For some reason the stars have aligned recently and I've been playing golf.

In fact, about three rounds in the past two weeks, which is some sort of achievement given I hadn't played any stickball for the best part of 18 months.

Before that I was a member of the Invercargill Golf Club and a regular Saturday morning player, with a few other rounds thrown in when I had the time.

And there was the rub.

When our family doubled in size about two years ago, my free time wasn't just halved, it shrank down to the sort of micro dot that spy film used to be stored on in old Cold War movies.

Free time and cost, a lack of one and the height of the other, are the reasons generally given by people who either stop playing golf, or decide not to take the game up.


After rounds at Queens Park, Oreti Sands and back at Invercargill, I can honestly say I've really missed the game (except for Oreti Sands, that course is a nightmare).

At moments during the comeback at Queens Park and then at Oreti, my misfiring driver started to operate with a bit more consistency.

It's funny how you can have a really dud round but still walk off feeling some amount of satisfaction if the ball has been flying straight off the tee.

All of a sudden I had visions of throwing myself back into the game, really committing myself to some regular practise with a focus of one day breaking 90.

The reasons why I stopped playing in the first place are still there, however.

So what to do?I'd love to get back into golf, but with winter rapidly approaching, I know that opportunities to play when I can actually play are going to be limited.

Might be a better idea to shelve this new/old love until October and see what happens.