In love with New York

First things first, New York is as wonderful and fun as everybody says it is.

We've all seen the city on movies and tv shows set in NYC, it has a cult following and deservedly so.

I have loved seeing it in person, the buskers in the subways, the steaming drain pipes, yellow taxis and hot dawg stands.

I arrived at 4pm on Saturday the 22nd, which was perfect as after a shower and some kai, my friend Susie and I hit Times Square.

She has is a born and bred New Yorker and has been sharing a lot of her knowledge about Manhattan with me.

Getting around is pretty easy and convenient.

You take the subway to almost anywhere in the island of Manhattan, as well as to the other boroughs.

Most of Manhattan is on the grid system (eg 34th and 35th st, which is super easy to navigate), except for the very south, which used to be swamp.

We have spent most days sleeping in and then exploring, (shopping and eating) for hours at a time. Macys, H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Uniglow and second hand boutiques are all favourites.

All though it didn't snow on Christmas being in the wintry Northern Hemisphere is a tick on my bucket list.

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into Susie's family's Christmas celebrations and was designated the position of elf, who handed out the presents.

We ate afterwards, and drank wine from New Zealand.

They were all fascinated to see on a map where I was from, joking about why I would ever want to
be in NYC instead.