Leaving the Big Apple

21:45, Jan 07 2013

Today I leave New York for a true American college experience.

My friend Susie and I leave Manhattan this evening at 7pm for a three-hour bus trip to Williams, her college, in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Further north in to snow and squirrels, yes! I'll be there with her in her dorm for four days.

She is on winter study (that goes until the 20th of Jan) at the moment; the class she will be taking is yoga, which I can join (happily!).

I'm excited to see the college, it's grounds, the parties and, of course, the other students.

Boxing Day in the States is not called Boxing Day.


When asked why we call it that, I mumbled something about dealing with the many boxes from Christmas day, but had no idea.

Upon consulting Wikipedia I found that the name dates way to medieval England where the servants of the wealthy were allowed to visit their families, bringing boxes of goods with them. So, my guess wasn't too far off.

The days since Christmas were filled with more exploring and shopping, two things that I don't think anybody ever stops doing in New York.

A big highlight for me has been the food.

Susie and I have gone to many restaurants during my time here, from Venezuelan to Dominican, to Turkish (not kebabs) to Japanese.

The Venezuelan food was from a restaurant called 'Caracas', which is family owned, cheap and delicious. Arepas are their specialty, which are like mini tacos.

I have enjoyed New York so much, I am already hoping to come back to live and work in the near future.