Touring Philly

03:21, Jan 11 2013

Today I am in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I left Williams College in Massachusetts yesterday morning and took a five-hour bus ride to New York before catching a two-hour bus to Philly.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that both buses had free Wi-Fi and charging outlets.

Williams College was founded way back in 1793, around the time when New Zealand was being colonised.

It was a college for wealthy, white males, evidence of which can still be seen today due to the ubiquitous fraternity housing, now resided in by a mixed population of contemporary students.

The college is the epicenter of Williamstown.


About 80% of the population is affiliated with the college; the other 20 are shop owners etc.

It was ridiculously cold, about -16DegC at nighttime.

Regardless of the frigid temperatures, there were plenty of parties going on during the weekend I was there.

One in particular was called 'First Fridays', which is held on the first Friday of winter study.

It was mainly freshmen (first years) grinding in a dark hall, but fun nonetheless.

On the bus ride from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania I met a guy my age called Hunter, who has been working to demolish some of the houses that have been terribly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

He also is from Newtown, Connecticut and knew one of the teachers who was a victim in the recent shooting there.

It is sobering to meet someone who is directly affected by what we see on the news.

I only have two more days on the wintry east coast before I have my flight back to LA.

I am little nervous to be going back to find work and accommodation for six weeks, but have booked a hostel in Santa Monica for two nights.

Here's hoping!

At least I'm heading back to more sun and a warmer climate.