Learning to live off the land

00:47, Jan 24 2013

I have been at the ranch for a week now and love it.

The ranch is about forty-five minutes from the closest settlement, called Crescent City, quite off the grid in the Six Rivers National Forest.

The ranch gets it's electricity from solar panels and a generator that goes on for about an hour every morning and night, around which time it's my responsibility to feed the animals.

There are two separate paddocks, the lower one has pigs and a calf called Pumpkin and the top has two more pigs (one is Kunekune from New Zealand!), two calves and chickens.

They all make their respective noises and run to me whenever I'm around, which means I can
barely walk as they're all around my feet, and the pigs sometimes get snot on my
pants which I am less than thrilled about.

I'm also getting some driving practice; all this right side of the road is going surprisingly well. I drove for three hours today, to Oregon to get a facial.


The scenery was a spectacular, big high cliffs full of pine trees and blue rivers.

I saw my first raccoon too; though it was road kill I still count it.

I've also been learning a lot from the owners of the ranch, John and Margaret.

They eat almost entirely organic.

We've harvested wild mushrooms and large amounts of kale and Jerusalem artichokes for our meals.

They eat the meat and milk of their own pigs and cows and eat their chicken's eggs.

I've been surprised at how much one can eat off the land when they know what to look for.