Mystery dog kills chooks

04:20, May 06 2014

I am furious today as the chooks we have had for four days were killed by a dog that got into my property when I had left to go to the supermarket. I had been gone only 20 minutes.

My property is well fenced and I thought it was a safe place. I was wrong.

I'm angry that we lost our chooks but pleased my grandchildren were not out there playing, as they usually are.

Unfortunately, I do not know who the dog belonged to but the dog was with a young child who could not control it.

My neighbour came to the aid of the chooks and saved one of them but the child would not give his name.

After the ordeal was over, my neighbour was quite upset. The dog was large and angry-looking and she did not feel safe at all.


The dog was a large white dog with a darker head.

I rang police and dog control with really no help. What is it we pay our dog licence for?

The adults who take on the responsibility of owning dogs need to take responsibility for the dogs' actions.

Come on, someone must know what dog did this - the child went home upset.

Take note also; if the dog comes back it won't go home.


The Southland Times