Editorial gets it wrong

04:15, May 06 2014

Your warped editorial on the Calvin Community Church (April 30) gets it wrong again, like your previous one on Christianity alive down here.

And your cartoonist is in real trouble with Almighty God by suggesting they have added a law to the 10 commandments.

So let me inform you, it is written in the New Testament if you care to read it and given by Paul: ''and when you repent you are welcomed back again''.

Jesus says: ''I change not. My law is forever. After the heavens are gone and I am the same yesterday, today and forever and you, or anyone, cannot make God's word fit your ill-conceived opinions.''

Your cartoonist got it right with the bursting bubble as predicted by James 1:1, ''Go to now ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you ... your riches are corrupted, your gold and silver is cankered, ye have heaped up treasure''.

As for your views on the flag, sir, this was placed there by Jesus Christ, who is blood related to King David and the Queen Elizabeth by marriage, and the Magna Carta forbids any change or loss of sovereignty. Read Ceasar's commentaries on the Gaelic wars, noting the advanced state of Great Britain's culture.



Abridged - Editor


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