Loving God's creatures

02:46, May 08 2014

It is just so uplifting and heartwarming to read in our Southland Times just how caring and loving we are about God's creatures in this country.

Recently I have read how we can now have our beloved dogs cremated and have some of the ashes in a locket around our neck "close to our hearts". How lovely.

And we have 19,000 signatures on a petition sparked by a cat lover being denied her human rights to keep 37 cats in her caring home. Furry, cute little darlings, how mean of a man in authority!

And we, with Australia, have produced a ruling to stop the slaughter of whales in the name of science. The fact that, after scientific analysis is over, they end up on Japanese dinner plates has finally been shown up for what it is. You can't fool us ethical humanitarian Kiwis, can you?

Yet there was no petition, no outcry, no whimper of anything objectionable, when Dr Norman McLean recently pointed out that 19 per cent of human babies in Southland are removed from the safety and sanctity of their mother's womb in Southland Hospital, to ensure that they would die.

Nothing, not a jot, not a tittle; no response at all.

Any person with half a brain can only deduce from this, that we love our cats, our dogs, and whales, and that we hate our children.

Child abuse laws and programmes; anti-bullying schemes in schools, no smacking of children; how right, how kind, how ethical, and how useless, when we really show what we really believe in.



The Southland Times