Good manners a credit to city

21:28, May 13 2014

On Saturday we drove down to Invercargill for the day. Initially we were amazed how many people were at McDonald's and could not get a car park.

Later we returned and the congestion was as bad. This time I waited in the queue and realised that the staff were trainees.

Things were going frantic and yet everyone put their heads down and got cracking, including the person in charge.

After waiting for 10 minutes I asked if I could place an order. One of the non-trainees apologised profusely and immediately set about recording the two apple slices and one milkshake I needed.

She was absolutely lovely in the face of an extremely harassing time for everyone.

Well done McDonald's and Southland.


Next we visited the hospital and while looking on the board for directions a young man approached and asked if he could help us.

This is amazing, as many people choose to ignore strangers.

I was also most impressed by the hive of activity at the newly opened redone stadium - great to see facilities being used so productively.

Well done Invercargill - two young people with lovely manners and the right attitude.


The Southland Times