Only waka jumpers moan

04:33, May 15 2014

I am intrigued to hear the only ones complaining about New Zealand First's amendment to their constitution are waka jumpers and traitors.

These people are often paid-up members of other parties at the same time, which is highly unconstitutional.

They then go to great lengths to infiltrate themselves into other parties where they go about wreaking havoc in an attempt to destabilise that party.

Truly dedicated and committed candidates have nothing to fear from this ruling.

They know if they have to leave a party for genuine reasons, serious illness, death in family etc they are given compassionate leave as part of their contract.

If anybody is thrown out of a party it is because the crime has been extremely serious.

That new rule is an incentive, which gives them an option: leave that party in three days or you will be fined $300,000.



The Southland Times