Recycled, or new candidate

01:42, May 19 2014

I could not agree more with Kelly Nicholson's letter (May 16)

Who does Invercargill want? There are two choices:

Lesley Soper, a unionist who has a proven track record of failed election campaigns so long that it leads us back to the last century?

A career politician who never made it into Parliament on her own merits but only sneaked in through the back door when somebody else had to be replaced?

Or Sarah Dowie, a vibrant young woman who might be fond of high heels but, most important, as a mother, a businesswoman and an active member of the wider Invercargill community, is very well equipped to be a great representative of the Invercargill electorate.

In my opinion, with Sarah Dowie the south will have a vibrant young and strong woman, which is a lot better than a ''dusted off and once again recycled'' candidate from the last century.


Abridged - Editor


The Southland Times