Abortion realities

03:55, May 31 2014

I find K Perwick's recent letter disturbing.

Incredibly, she justifies her support for the deliberate genocide in our hospitals of our unborn as being good for the wellbeing of women.

When study is made of the Nazis' justification for killings in their death camps, you will sickeningly read similar justification.

Like her, the Nazis also presented extreme and rare unfortunate cases to justify their sending innocent lives into the gas chambers.

The reality is our most precious and vulnerable unborn (and many are females) are being deliberately and callously killed in our hospitals just to pamper to the deliberate choices made by informed self interested adults.

The reality is our unborn had no choice of who when or how they were conceived. Sadly all these real victims of abortion want is to be protected and loved by society until they are capable (as their adult parents were) of making informed choices themselves.



The Southland Times