Country music on radio

I cannot let Sarah McCarthy's article (May 28) on country music pass without comment on her final paragraph: ''The fact that they don't play country music on the radio in New Zealand has harmed country music more than anything.''

Maybe a little more research was needed.

There is one radio station in Invercargill, Country Radio 105.2 FM, that plays a wide variety of country music 24 hours a day, seven days a week hosted by 14 announcers with a wide range of knowledge and taste.

There is Radio Southland 94.6 FM, which devotes a large part of a Wednesday to this type of music, plus Radio Hokonui in Gore, which, with two very good hosts, has a programme on a Wednesday evening.

Also throughout New Zealand there are many little radio stations that play solely country music. I write this letter with the support of listeners who rang me after mentioning the article on my show on May 28.


The Southland Times