Potholes are to be avoided

Anyone growing up with gravel roads providing the access to their home in the country would know that roading engineer Scott Graham's comment that ''potholes should be something expected on an unsealed road'' is a typical response from a townie.

As a victim knows, potholes are to be avoided because of the cost of damage to vehicles - and if you are on a motorbike they will throw you on the road.

Not only will they wrench your arms out of your sockets, and throw your vehicle across the road, they damage your wheel alignment.

Where are the warning signs for anyone who enters these roads?

So the next time townies drive their low-profile cars and pop more than one tyre, or get bellied, they should call the roading engineer on the local council who drives around in his little truck with his pack of gravel on the back and his little shovel.

Oops, that's right, the local roading engineer has hands like a lady and drives a Ford Ranger.


Abridged - Editor

The Southland Times