Letter: Entertaining our kids

01:18, Jul 10 2014

I had a mixed feeling when I read the article about school holidays and having to entertain your children and the stress it can cause.

I think reading those first comments would put you into a depressed state of mind before the holidays even begin.

Change your way of thinking; be positive.

Yay - this is unhurried time you have with your children and believe me there is nothing they want more than your time and attention.

Don't stress about having to entertain children with costly adventures, get out and about in nature, give children time to set up adventures at home. Cook, explore, laugh, cuddle, read and most importantly have fun.

I do understand the pressure of having to work and the costs involved in childcare and that is a genuine pressure. I did think that there were some valuable ideas at the end of the article.

Remember you don't have to be doing 1000 things or spending extravagant amounts of money for your children to be happy. Your time is priceless.



The Southland Times