Letter: Stadium Southland

I support Stadium Southland. I hear and see that the stadium is also called ILT Stadium Southland.

Property owners have costs and if ILT has taken over the ''name'', then surely it means they have incurred the extra costs. I and many others over the world support ILT but ILT, by law, only supports Invercargill venues and events.

Southlanders, through Rattle the Tin, are showing their pride in Stadium Southland, and surely have the right to have the stadium named for all Southlanders as Stadium Southland.

I acknowledge that ILT has been one of many major supporters and should receive advertising advantages.

Perhaps name the courts thus: Court 1, ILT Ascot; Court 2, ILT Kelvin; Court 3, ILT Avenal, and so on.

I will add to the Rattle the Tin when I am assured that the stadium is going to be promoted as Stadium Southland.


The Southland Times