Letter: Rivers policy

01:10, Jul 18 2014

The Green Party is crystal-clear on what our rivers should be - that is, clear enough to swim in.

The present Government has set its expectations at ''good enough to float a boat on'', which means that most of our polluted rivers are by their standards, good enough. The Greens say no to that, knowing that New Zealand rivers have been clean enough for safe swimming in the past and should be again, as soon as possible.

It's aspirational and inspirational stuff from the Green Party and anyone who swam through every summer of their childhood in clear, cool rivers as I did, will want the same thing for their children and grandchildren. It's not good enough to set your standards low with ''okay for wading'' when ''safe for swimming'' is achievable. It's what New Zealanders want and it's only the Greens who can make it a reality.



The Southland Times