Letter: All hail kale

01:53, Jul 24 2014

There are many grand reasons for Southland to embrace economic diversity. Change is inevitable, let's make it change for the better.

Tattoos praising kale are a must for any vegan worth their weight in quinoa. Popeye popped spinach, but we hail the kale. Try growing curly kale in your garden, seeds are readily available for a couple of dollars.

For those playing along at home, you can buy ''here's some I prepared earlier'' kale at Pak 'n Save.

Kale goes well with our vegan macaroni cheese or kofta patties (for recipes visit invsoc.org.nz/recipes)

Kale, hemp, oat milk and virulent veganism: Southland has a bright future away from animal cruelty.



The Southland Times