Letter: Beer facts at Rugby Park

03:55, Aug 21 2014

Another Stags season under way and the hard-working folk were there on the terraces as loyal as ever, yearning for good things to happen on the field.

They did and the Stags won! Great stuff, but off the field a real brickbat to the administrators who will see terrace numbers dwindle as folks stay home to watch the game at a fraction of the cost - due in no small part to their own greed.

Prices per can of beer are now at $5 each. That equates to $60 a dozen compared to $18.20 in a shop over the road. Fans are restricted to four per person and the tabs are opened. Is this to promote faster consumption before the drinks go flat and hence more are bought at $5 each?

If Rugby Southland expect to pay stadium costs by continually punishing those who show the team loyalty via these draconian and extortionate measures then it will find out that loyalty only lasts so long on the terraces.

I'll be smuggling mine in from now, and maybe the paid security staff can catch me out, maybe not, but I won't be robbed blind to help sponsor the gentlemen who get theirs free by being in the right network or a corporate box.

Here's a tip - promote the occasion as an evening's fun and entertainment without the profit-making focus and stringent security measures and more may turn up to watch.


(Abridged - Editor)


The Southland Times