Letter: Fluoridation

23:40, Jun 10 2013

The Southland Times (May 29) says the Invercargill City Council will review water fluoridation after getting informed independent advice and considering outcomes in other councils.

Hamilton has just abandoned fluoridation.

The public should be informed of the sources and claims of such advice so that claims can be challenged, verified, or exposed.

Fluoride is the bully of the halogen group and wreaks havoc with enzymes causing neurological and endocrine dysfunction. Fluoride should never be ingested. The false claims of Big Pharma have long been soundly debunked by opponents of fluoridation using true science. Twenty-five studies have linked fluoride to lower IQ in children, including research from Harvard. Toxic fluoride is sold to misinformed populations as being a nutrient.

The intention of fluoridation was to protect aluminium and fertiliser industries from law suits over pollution from their plants.

The danger of fluoride was kept from the public when fluoride was used to develop the atom bomb in the Manhattan Project. Check out the indisputable, verifiable evidence from such sites as fluoridealert.org and associated links. There is no excuse not to.

Otherwise go back to sleep. All is well. The steam over the frog pond is merely fog.

Fluoride advocates should address the abundant claims against it instead of parroting the deceptive mantras of corporate shills. Fluoridation is claimed to harden teeth only up to age 12. All over 12, including denture wearers and the elderly, continue to imbibe this debilitating toxic harvest, due to non-consensual mass medication wrapped and packed in a tissue of lies.



The Southland Times