Poverty versus parenting

23:23, Jun 30 2013

I was encouraged to read Carl Findlater's thoughtful and holistic response regarding the argument on The Vote aiming to determine poverty or parenting as being the cause of our children's misfortunes.

I am still in disbelief that New Zealanders are engaging in such a primitive debate.

Are we so absent minded to think that we can determine one or the other as being the cause of a worldwide epidemic?

Within most families, cultures and social systems, you will discover hopelessness and desperation with which so many live.

The gap between the rich and poor is obviously growing, and with that come all manner of initiatives being implemented that are not designed for the good of the people.

Amidst ruthless marketing, depraved media, corruption, materialism, greed, and every other unavoidable byproduct of this world, we expect our children to grow up and become emotionally, physically and spiritually capable of raising their own children within this godless system.


It is a dangerous cycle in which we live and will require a massive shift in human consciousness to alter it. We can no longer afford to indoctrinate our beautiful children into a system that has lost sight of what is necessary to grow and thrive as a human being.

I recently came across an inspiring project aiming to redefine our entire social and economic structure.

The Venus Project has given me hope where there was hopelessness.

And with the hopes and dreams of 6 billion people comes inevitable change.