Many factors behind domestic violence

23:21, Jul 01 2013

A recent research project in New Zealand showed links between domestic violence deaths and child abuse.

What a waste of time.

Everyone who has worked at the social services coalface will know that a person who beats his wife or partner is also likely to beat his children.

It ties in with lack of control and frustration, and an inability to identify anger and deal with it.

But child abuse is also linked to many other socio-economic and cultural factors like low income, low self-esteem, low education and health outcomes, family history of abuse, drugs, alcohol, constant changes in partners, housing mobility and so on.

The picture is very complex and needs multi-functional responses from our community.


It is also sad to see that New Zealand has allowed more than 2000 visas for people from UK and mainly the Philippines to help with the Christchurch rebuild.

The sad part is that the earthquake was more than two years ago and a major skilled labour shortage was seen then.

Given there are 15,000 unemployed in Canterbury, where are the upskilling training schemes for the rebuild?

Is it easier and cheaper just to open the immigration door, than to invest in Kiwis?