Rude businesses need to change

01:01, Jul 04 2013

During the past couple of months I have applied to more than 20 businesses and workplaces in the hope of finding part-time or fulltime employment.

I have always been polite and have been more than happy to provide a CV when requested.

I left clear contact details with each place I applied - and each place assured me that they would be in touch.

It has now been over a month since I handed in the last application and I have heard back from only two workplaces.

To me this seems rather rude.

If I'm not what you're looking for or don't seem right for the position, then that's perfectly OK - but I would've really appreciated an email saying thanks but no thanks.


Instead I have been left wondering whether my CV was even glanced at.

Everyone has told me that this is how it's always been, but if ''how it's always been'' is a lack of common courtesy of respect, then I say there needs to be a change.

How are we meant to encourage people - young or old - into the workplace when this is the response they receive?

I'd like to thank Invercargill UFS dispensary who took the time to send me a letter politely declining my application, and Burger King who called within the first week of me handing in my CV.