Broad appointment

Congratulations to ex-Southlander Brian Broad, now living in Auckland, for being appointed chief executive to BikeNZ, with a contract at the moment for three months.

Brian is a past Southland and New Zealand track title holder and administrator and is, I suggest, the ideal heavyweight to handle the toughest problems placed before him.

Going by paper reports, it's going to be a rough ride steering BikeNZ out of its self-inflicted financial issues alone.

There will be others to look forward, too, I'm sure.

In the past Brian, along with his tandem partner, handled some pretty rough rides while steering the Southland tandem to a number of gold medal victories.

So any issues with BikeNZ over its poor showing shouldn't be a problem.

Perhaps it's time to revert to the old well-established and successful Cycling NZ Federation Inc, with members who never got too big for their boots.