Letter: Roads paved with mud and cow poo

23:52, Jul 28 2013

I drove through to Queenstown just the other day, taking the most direct route from Otautau up the Aparima Valley to Mossburn, across to Five Rivers, then on to Queenstown.

All the way to Kingston it was very obvious when I was passing a dairy farm, by the thick coating of mud on the road.

Mud from tractor tyres going in and out of the paddocks with silage or to change the tapes for the stock on winter feed.

The road from Kingston to Queenstown had a greenish brown on every bend that looked suspiciously like cow poo.

It was.

On the return trip back down past the lake I was fortunate to find myself behind two stock units full of cows, needless to say it was a slow trip back as I had no intention of trying to pass two truck and trailer rigs on that stretch of road, and on every bend there was a fresh glistening coating of slimy green.


But the slow drive did give the time to ponder these three questions:

1. How many years do you reckon it will take the tractors to transfer all the top soil from the paddocks on to the road?

2. How long do you think it will take for the rain washed effluent to turn that beautiful lake into a green algae infested cesspool like Lake Ellesmere?

3. What tall stories are the coach drivers telling the tourists to explain all this away, and how much longer can they get away with it?


The Southland Times