Letter: Shamed nationally ... again

23:28, Jul 30 2013

Once again I find myself writing about a person in Invercargill behaving badly.

The last time, it was about the women from Israel who were refused service in a Turkish kebab store for speaking their own language.

This time for a man (originally from where? Not yet disclosed) voicing his opinion about whether New Zealand needs a person, born in Pakistan and whose religion is the Muslim faith.

Now it seems Invercargill is shamed nationally again for another act of discrimination and blatant racist remarks made by one man, who feels he is speaking for the rest of New Zealand.

Apologies to Tariq Humayn. You dealt with the situation very well and your management of the event is inspiring for others who may find themselves in similar scenarios.

Being a taxi driver is a hard enough job. With the variety of customers over the course of a Saturday night, you shouldn't have to put up with this in any work environment. I hope it doesn't put you off getting to know our great culture-rich community.



The Southland Times